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To help you with your year end or throughout the whole year, reach out and I can create order from chaos.

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Creating order from chaos

Yearend Checklist:

  • Reconcile your bank account and credit cards to the end of the year and supply the next 2 statements for verification
  • Catch up on invoices: Do you have services or products you have delivered but not yet sent invoices for?
  • Record transactions: Have you imported or posted all transactions from your bank accounts, PayPal accounts, and credit card accounts into your accounting system? Search your pockets for any missing receipts.
  • Personal expenses: Are you missing any income or expense transactions related to your business that were deposited into or paid from your personal bank account?
  • Categorize transactions: Make sure all of your income and expenses have been properly categorized to the correct account.
  • Don’t forget mileage: Have you recorded all the time spent in the car? Your daily commute doesn’t count.
  • Don’t forget home office expense if you use your home for business
  • Check your income statement: Compare it to prior years. Look for posting errors in any amounts that have increased or decreased significantly.
  • Don't forget to reverse stale-dated checks! Do this 6 months from date of issue.
  • Check accounts receivable and accounts payable for accuracy
  • Write off bad debts, if any (Hopefully there aren't!)
  • Prepare a budget for this year. To start creating a new budget take your profit and loss statement in your accounting software from last year and export it to a spreadsheet. Then you can easily add formulas to increase revenue next year by a percentage or reduce some of your expenses.
  •  Include HST remittance with payment information and final payroll remittance for source deductions with T4 summary
  • Include the previous year end and T2125 if sole proprietor
  • Include a backup clearly indicating software program

If you need help with any of these steps, call or email to book an appointment.

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